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Central Kiawah Island

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South Carolina 45 minutes

Bike along the island's scenic pathway. Discover the wildlife, ecology, and conservation stories unique to Kiawah Island.

About This Tour

Kiawah Island is a remarkable place where native landscapes, wildlife and people coexist for the benefit of all – a place where wonderful memories are made. When it comes right down to it, those memories are built on the natural wonders here. Explore the island on these tours:

Beach Scavenger Hunt

Discover the treasures of Kiawah Island’s beach on this scavenger hunt to uncover clues about beach dwellers, such as birds, crabs, fish, dolphins, shells, & others that can be seen along Kiawah’s 10 mile beach. Tap the icons to begin!

Central Kiawah Island

Encounter many unique environments along Kiawah Island’s bicycle path including expanses of tidal salt marsh, maritime forests and freshwater wetlands. Step back in time as you hear about the Kiawah’s plantation-era days.

Eastern Kiawah Island

Venture over to the eastern part of Kiawah Island to get local insights on interesting landmarks and key spots for birds watching.
Kiawah Paddling

On the river level while kayaking, you’ll be closer to wildlife and get a totally different perspective. In fact, many residents of the Lowcountry will tell you, you haven’t really experienced this area until you’ve seen it from the water! Kiawah Photographers

Capture the essence of Kiawah Island on this photographic journey. Explore prime photo spots of landscapes and wildlife.

Kiawah Pond Life

Jump into Kiawah’s pond life and discover the creatures that live within: the wetland birds, fish and alligators!

The Preserve

Let the Kiawah Conservancy be your guide on an adventure through the Preserve. Enjoy an enchanting network of nature trails and observation points as you wind through the maritime forest, salt marsh and lagoon environments in this unique area of Kiawah Island.

Western Kiawah Island

Embark on a biking adventure through the Western portion of Kiawah Island. Enjoy the distinct natural environment, cultural history and recreational opportunities that this unique area of Kiawah has to offer.

The Kiawah Conservancy is committed to preserving and protecting Kiawah Island through land conservation, habitat restoration, research, educational forums and community outreach.

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Rhett's Bluff Nature Area

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Naturally Kiawah Garden

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