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Historic La Veta

Sponsored by Huerfano County Tourism Board

  • Location: Colorado
  • Travel Type: Walking
  • Trip Time: 45 minutes
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About This Tour

Goemmer Barn

Francisco Fort

This audio walking tour will help you explore downtown La Veta, Colorado, in Huerfano County.

This town sits in the Cuchara River Valley, nestled at the foot of the Spanish Peaks. On your tour, you'll learn how this town spread outward from its origins of the Francisco Fort and how the natural beauty of the area has attracted artists and artisans, creating a regional cultural oasis in La Veta.

But it's not just in recent years that creative types were attracted to this part of the country. In the '60s, there were several communes in this area. Some of the most famous were Red Rocks, where many actors and musicians lived; Drop City, which was named after a particular style of art; and Libre, which was visited by such icons as Alan Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac and continues to thrive today.

As you walk through the town, notice how the old and new have blended together to create an experience full of hidden gems and unique opportunities to get to know this exceptional part of the world.

Tour Sponsors
This tour is presented by the Huerfano County Tourism Board and was paid for in part by a History Colorado - State Historical Fund grant. To learn more about this region visit spanishpeakscountry.com.

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About This Tour

Goemmer Barn

Francisco Fort