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St. Michaels Farm Preserve

Sponsored by D&R Greenway Land Trust

  • Location: New Jersey
  • Travel Type: Walking
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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Michaels Farm Preserve audio tour tells a story of a community’s values. The St. Michael’s Orphanage stood on this property and farm for almost 100 years. While only the farm remains, this tour is dedicated to the children who once lived or went to school here.

Its wide-open spaces have woods, meadows, streams, farm fields, ponds, hedgerows, and wetlands. It is home to diverse plants and wildlife. Permeating it all is the support of a community that so valued this land that they joined with D&R Greenway to preserve it for generations to come.

This audio trail is designed to help you give children ways to find a home in nature. Children for whom nature is home have a place where they feel free to play, to explore, to express themselves, to burn off boundless energy—and to learn about the creatures, birds, rocks, and water that share our planet.

Children who play outside enjoy greater creativity, better focus, longer attention spans, and enhanced cooperation with others. All of us have something to benefit from the emotional boost of natural surrounds like the St. Michaels Farm Preserve.

On this tour, you will hear stories about the children who attended the St. Michael’s Orphan Asylum and Industrial School, the creation of the Farm Preserve, and the Preserve’s current residents—frogs and toads, and native edible plants.

You will explore the remaining and preserved structures on the property, from the million-year-old geology to the present-day Farm Bridge and McComb barn.

Learn how you can come back and visit again at one of the Preserve’s special events like the Hopewell Community Campout. The Campout is an opportunity to unwind, unplug and sleep under the stars.

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D&R Greenway Land Trustpreserves and cares for green spaces that connect people to nature. Since we were founded in 1989, we have preserved more than 20,000 acres. With over 30 miles of trails on D&R Greenway preserves, there are plenty of places like the St. Michaels Farm Preserve for you to enjoy the rejuvenating properties of fresh air and sunshine at any age.

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