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Piermont on the Hudson

Sponsored by Piermont Historical Society

  • Location: New York
  • Travel Type: Walking
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Piermont is a vibrant village surrounded by the natural wonders of the Hudson River, a 1,000-acre salt marsh, Tallman mountain and its namesake pier. This sensational setting has attracted world-class restaurants, chic shoppes, and cool art galleries. By experiencing this tour, you will more deeply appreciate Piermont’s connection to the Hudson river. And you will learn about Piermont’s early beginnings, its rich heritage and role in the American Revolution, its industrial past and its commercial significance to the country.
While taking this tour, you will sense the close connection between the river and the village. The Sparkill Creek, a tributary of the Hudson River, forms the only break in mountains that frame the Southern Hudson Valley. It is this geological feature that led to the start of Piermont. The landing where the creek met the river was a natural point of entry into the interior. As everything traveled by sloop those days, settlers and supplies went westward via the creek. These same sloops would return produce to New York City.
Although this tour does not pretend to present a definitive history of Piermont, the Piermont Historical Society hopes to encourage the visitor to seek more information. The tour centers on 10 historic sites, including five of the nine in Piermont that are on the National Register of Historic Places.
This tour will take you through three centuries of histories in Piermont. You will witness the birthplace of Piermont with its 16 historic building, some going back to early 1700s. You will also learn about and see where Piermont’s role in the American Revolution took place. You will see how two railroads shaped the character of the village and how it became a booming industrial center with the development of it papermill and pier. You will also hear and see the role that Piermont played in World War II and how it celebrates the heritage of this hallowed ground at the end of the pier.
There is much to see, experience, and learn about on this special little village on the river. So, please take your time to wander and enjoy the beauty, and charm and history that is Piermont.

Tour Sponsors
This tour is brought to you by the Piermont Historical Society with thanks to the County of Rockland Tourism and Economic Development Office. The mission of the Piermont Historical Society is to preserve and protect the integrity of Piermont’s architecture, history, and culture heritage and to celebrate the history of Piermont. The vision of the society is to make the history of Piermont a common narrative in the village and beyond.
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