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History on the Soldier Ridge Trail

Sponsored by Sheridan Community Land Trust

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Travel Type: Walking/Cycling
  • Trip Time: 30 minutes
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About This Tour
The Soldier Ridge Trail is one of the best places to enjoy the beautiful Bighorn Mountains of Sheridan County, Wyoming. This mobile audio tour will guide you along the first mile of the 4-mile trail, which you can experience on foot, by bike or on horseback.

As you explore this beautiful landscape, keep an eye out for wildlife, such as deer, pronghorn, bald eagles, and golden eagles. You’ll also likely encounter the cows and calves that roam much of this range.

On this tour, you’ll walk in the footsteps of the Plains Indians, whose last hunting grounds were located right here. Ceremonial and burial grounds and rock art, called petroglyphs, are common throughout the area.

Then you’ll learn how the expansion of the U.S. frontier impacted Native Americans with an influx of homesteaders, gold prospectors, and railroad workers — and how violent fights between tribal groups and emigrants shut down the Bozeman Trail.

Highlights of this tour include:
·     The authentic story of the Crow Tribe’s migration to the Bighorn Mountains, according to the oral tradition
·     The lasting legacy left by local homesteaders
·     Stagecoach travel and postal delivery in the Old West
·     A riveting account of a government scouting party’s encounter with Plains tribe warriors deep in the mountains

Tour Sponsor
This tour is brought to you by the Sheridan Community Land Trust, which has partnered with the owners of the private land where the Soldier Ridge Trail is located. Together, they have created this invaluable access and permanently conserved the surrounding land, so this wonderful space remains wide-open forever. The Soldier Ridge Trail has been built and maintained thanks to community support organized by the Sheridan Community Land Trust.

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The Last Hunting Grounds

On the Ranch