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Sundance Walking Tour

Sponsored by Crook County Museum

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Travel Type: Walking
  • Trip Time: 20 minutes
  • Language:

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Sundance is so much more than just the name of a little town you will pass through on your road trip. The town is named after, the Sun Dance, a ceremony performed in prayer for spiritual renewal and the hope for survival of generations to come in the face of the oncoming and inevitable westward expansion.

Step inside the old jailhouse, hear the legendary tale of the Sundance Kid, find out where Calamity Jane took shelter, and return back in time to the days of the Ol’ Charlie Sackett Saloon.

The Crook County Museum & Art Gallery is located in historic downtown Sundance. For more information visit the Crook County Museum website or in person at the lower level of the Crook County Courthouse. Stop by the museum to experience a glimpse of the old West and venture into the gallery to view an exciting mix of exhibits.

Local musician, Mark Burgess, generously donated use of his music to accompany the wonderful stories along this route.

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