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Route 66 - East Meets West - TravelStorys

Route 66 - East Meets West

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Oklahoma 1.5 hour English

Explore the History of Tulsa, Route 66, and the American Story

Tour Excerpts

About this Tour

Once called the Main Street of America, Route 66 has become a symbol for all endangered two-lane scenic highways that were hijacked by the super slabs and turnpikes. One of the nation’s first continuous spans of paved road coupling east and west, Route 66 is not just another American highway.

For millions of travelers this artery has forever meant “going somewhere.” The road has endured several eras of history, including the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Each one has left an unalterable impression on the people who live and work along the highway and those travelers who still prefer to tour its length between Chicago and Santa Monica.

Although we cannot get along without our superhighways, it is good to know Route 66 is still there as an alternative for those who value time and want to slow down and take the pulse of the land. The historic path remains America’s most beloved road and arguably the most famous highway in the world.

Today, as an unprecedented revival of interest in the historic road continues, legions of travelers from around the world are finding that more than eighty-five percent of Route 66 still can be traveled. They are also discovering that Oklahoma is the heart and soul of the Mother Road.

This walking audio tour takes you across the Cyrus Avery Memorial Bridge at Route 66’s historic crossing of the Arkansas River in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tour route continues along the river to River West Festival Park and Veteran Park. Other sites and stories on the tour include Sophian Plaza and McBirney Mansion.

This historic location along Route 66--where “East Meets West”-- is also the future site of the Route 66 Experience Interpretive Center. The Route 66 Experience Interpretive Center is slated to open in 2022 to celebrate the history and lore of the Mother Road, as well as the culture, art, and architecture of Tulsa.

Tour Sponsors

This tour is sponsored by the Route 66 Alliance. The Route 66 Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and enhancement of historic Route 66 – past, present, and future.

To learn more about Route 66 and how you can help to preserve its legacy, click here.

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