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Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • Location: Colorado
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 1.5 hour
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Discover Rocky Mountain National Park!

This tour includes all the park’s main roads with detailed information about views, stops, and trailheads, along with many fascinating stories.

Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park should include visiting both the east and west sides of the park, which means driving the Trail Ridge Road (U.S. Highway 34) over the pass.

This well-maintained sightseeing route crests at over 12,000 feet and includes many pullouts and overlooks to stop. You will travel through the subalpine and alpine worlds — with their over 300 miles of hiking trails, wildflowers, critters, and starry nights.

Rocky Mountain National Park offers visitors ample opportunity to view wild animals, especially the big ones. A significant winter elk herd, bighorn sheep, mule deer, and a small moose population call the park home. So, it’s no surprise that wildlife watching is rated the number-one activity by many visitors.

Learn how Rocky Mountain’s natural features are inseparably linked. This tour takes you through the riparian (wetland) ecosystems, which dot the lower elevations of the park with their lush plant life and dense wildlife. As you move higher, the landscape gives way to forests and cold mountain lakes.

This tour shows you some of the highest mountains in the continental United States. At their peaks, the alpine tundra ecosystem reveals a harsh but beautiful land. At 14,000 feet above sea level, life nestles close to the ground in one of the earth’s most extreme environments.

The tour spans from one side of the park to the other, over approximately 50 miles of curves, vistas, pullouts, and hikes of every level. If you are enjoying the tour by car, bring cameras, water, snacks, and layers! The tour can be enjoyed in either direction of travel, beginning in either Estes Park or Grand Lake, Colorado, or even from the comfort of your own home!

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