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Medieval City of Girona

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  • Location: Spain
  • Travel Type: Walking
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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We hope you enjoy this walking tour of Girona.

Today, we are in Girona, the natural capital of its own province, full of history, architecture, and culture. The city has seen much history over the centuries. This tour will cover when Girona was once called Gerunda to the Romans; occupied by Muslims in the 2nd century; and Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, in 785.

By walking along the Carrer de la Força, you will visit one of the last Jewish quarters in Spain and learn about the Jewish people who arrived around 890 to develop a social position that allowed them to thrive in politics, administration, and finances from the XII to the XIV century.

You will also learn how Girona is famous for its resistance to Napoleon Bonaparte and the French military's sieges in 1808-1809 during the Napoleonic Wars.

Sites on this tour include the Church of St Feliu, the San Feliu's Basilica in the Romanesque style but with Gothic roofs and a Baroque façade, the Monastery of San Pere de Galligants, Arabic baths, and the Cathedral. Finally, it will take you to the City History Museum, where you can learn more through a chronological account of the city's history.

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