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Dinosaur Diamond

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Play Like a Paleontologist in this Modern Jurassic Park

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About this Tour

The Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway National Scenic Byway is a diamond-shaped scenic byway encompassing some of the world’s most remarkable collections of dinosaur bones, tracks and museums — plus amazing rock formations, wildlife and Native American lands. This tour guides you along the section of the byway between the two Utah cities of Duchesne and Vernal.

For the dinosaur enthusiast, there are plenty of resources to help you “dig” into this area’s Jurassic legacy. Right here in Vernal, at the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park Museum, you can dig for fossils, explore the Dinosaur Garden and watch real dinosaur bones being carefully removed from rock in the paleontology lab.

Find out about the legacy of the indigenous groups, whose ancestry and heritage in this area date back at least a thousand years.  In fact, the state of Utah is named after the Ute people.

Play like a paleontologist in some of the most unique geologic sites you’ll find anywhere.  Visit Nine Mile Canyon known as the “world’s longest art gallery” because of its enormous collection of pictographs and petroglyphs.  Take a trip to Fantasy Canyon, sometimes called “Hades Pit” or “The Devil’s Playground.” These few acres contain some of the world’s most unusual sandstone formations, shaped like camels, bears and flying witches.

This audio tour is brought to you by the Utah State Tourism Office and members of the Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway National Scenic Byway with StoryCorps stories contributed by Utah Public Radio.