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Devils Tower Area

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Wyoming 1 hour English

Small town hospitality, rich history, and nature's best awaits you in Devils Tower Country!

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Welcome to northeastern Wyoming, home to Devils Tower National Monument. Here you will discover a land rich in history, wildlife, minerals, national forests, ranching, and friendly people.

Small town hospitality, ample amenities, rich history, and nature's best awaits you in Devils Tower Country! Get to know the small towns along this route, such as Aladdin and Hulett, Wyoming, and how the Homestead Acts contributed to the arrival of many European settlers. Listen to stories about pioneering young men and women, some of whose descendants still ranch near Devils Tower.

There are also accounts of the infamous Black Hills Expedition led by George Armstrong Custer from journal entries from the Expedition's Chief Engineer, Captain William Ludlow. The Expedition included twelve companies of U.S. Cavalry, one-hundred Native American scouts, guides and interpreters, and hundreds of people serving as herders, blacksmiths, and saddlers.

Inextricably woven together with the Black Hills Expedition are the stories of the many Plains Indians tribes, particularly the Oglala Lakota Sioux and their leader, Sitting Bull. These tribes lived in the Black Hills and still revere them as sacred. A relic of their nomadic lifestyles in the region can be visited today at the Vore Buffalo Jump. It is an ongoing archeological dig and a great place to learn about the culture of the Plains Indians.

The region's ecology is as rich and diverse as its history. Keep an eye out as you drive for the western meadowlark, Wyoming's state bird, and common across northeast Wyoming. Learn about the role of fire in the local ecosystems. At Devils Tower, you can explore a forty-acre prairie dog "town" made of tunnels and dirt mounds.

There are many stories to discover at Devil's Tower, and this tour offers eight sites along the walking route around the National Monument. There is the Kiowa legend of the tower's creation; stories told by the rock formations; and the accounts of the many climbers to have summitted it (even one person who parachuted to its summit).

Experience this tour by car and foot to hear these stories and more about homesteaders, dinosaurs, Native American history, wildlife, geology, and the legend of this sacred rock.

Tour Sponsors

This tour is presented by the Crook County Promotion Board, responsible for promoting the growth and development of Crook County in Wyoming.

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