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Colorado Central Plains

Sponsored by Our Journey Heritage Tourism and Colorado's Central Plains

  • Location: Colorado
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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About This Tour


This audio driving tour will guide you along the Eastern Plains of Colorado.

What can you expect to see along this route? A vast expanse of grasslands and fields. A tremendous sky interrupted only by silos or windmills. The tug of lively winds and wild horses that sweep freely across hundreds of miles.

Out here, your eyes are not drawn to cityscapes or bold mountains. But there is something just as powerful at work here, holding your attention and shaping this place. A whisper of a past frontier and a glimpse into a shifting future. A pace and peace elusive in today's world.

As I-70 bears you across the plains, don't mistake the openness around you for emptiness. Instead, take your time to experience the rich stories, secrets, and treasures of the towns of eastern Colorado. There is more to the towns of Kiowa, Seibert, Straton, Bethune, and Burlington than you can know from only looking out your car window.

The stories and sites continue on Route 24, Route 287, and Highway 86 too--visiting the towns of Kit Carson, Cheyenne Wells, and Hugo.

Along this tour, make sure you stop at the museums and sites which are mentioned. These are part of the Our Journey Heritage Tourism Program. This is your chance to explore a unique area of our country and learn about its vibrant history.

Tour Sponsors
This tour is sponsored by Our Journey Heritage Tourism and Prairie Development Corporation (PDC).

PDC is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to promoting and serving communities and businesses in Cheyenne, Elbert, Lincoln, and Kit Carson Counties -- a place we call Colorado's Central Plains.

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About This Tour