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Avery Island's Jungle Gardens

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  • Location: Louisiana
  • Travel Type: Driving/Walking
  • Trip Time: 1 hour
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Welcome to Jungle Gardens on Avery Island, Louisiana. Experience the natural beauty and tranquility of Jungle Gardens— a 170-acre semitropical garden that stretches along Bayou Petite Anse on Avery Island. Naturalists, bird watchers and visitors from around the world will enjoy the gently rolling landscape, botanical treasures and abundant wildlife.

Explore the 170-acre Gardens with this audio guide. As your drive the grounds, you will hear fascinating information about the Louisiana landscape.

On this tour, you will see attractions such as beautiful flowers, birds, and Buddha (a magnificent centuries-old statue on the grounds). In season, visitors can see azaleas, camellias and colorful bamboo — as well as alligators, deer and the thousands of snowy egrets that nest in Bird City. It’s a nature lover’s dream that’s open to tourists every day of the year.

Jungle Gardens is the legacy of Edward Avery McIlhenny, a man able to see beyond himself and his time by embracing the understanding of nature and the role of personal responsibility in conservation. These Gardens were originally McIlhenny's experiment in making the fertile land of south Louisiana produce, thrive, and support her people and wildlife. Decades later this experiment gave rise to Avery Island's own motto, "Man and Environment in Balance." These Gardens originally served as McIlhenny's private estate and nursery business, Jungle Gardens Inc., and in 1935 was opened to the public as a drive-thru garden. Little has changed since he died.

Today, Jungle Gardens is much more than a pretty park. It holds many extraordinary secrets that tell the story of how one individual can seize the initiative, take action, and make huge advances in conservation.

Avery Island is also home to the the world-famous TABASCO® factory still owned and operated by the Mcilhenny family.

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