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Historic Downtown Jackson

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Wyoming 40 minutes

Explore the heart & history of Jackson Hole

About This Tour

The Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum offers several tours in Jackson Hole: Historic Downtown Jackson

The buildings in historic downtown are a treasure trove of stories, revealing the unique western history of Jackson Hole. Explore the heart and history of downtown Jackson Hole. Journey back in time on the “Local History” channel, take a peek behind “America’s Longest Running Shoot Out”, and hear voices of the past on the “Share Your Story”channel.

Explorers & Native Homelands

Step back in time to when American Indians used Jackson Hole as an essential travel and trade corridor and trace the path of early expeditions in pursuit of gold, land and knowledge.

Outer Park Road

Bison, wolves, and bears — oh my! Go on an expedition guided by local experts on the “Wildlife” channel. Imagine life as a homesteader on the “Art, History & Culture” channel with stories of dudes & ranchers, conservationists & artists.

The Jackson Hole Historical Society & Museum works to research, conserve and interpret this valley’s history. Visit the museum on Cache Street – opposite the public parking lot – for more fascinating Western history. These tours were made possible in part by Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, serving the citizens of Wyoming by supporting Wyoming’s culture and heritage.

Sample Stories

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Jackson Drug Co.

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Deloney General Store

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