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Yellowstone National Park

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Wyoming 1 hour

Discover, the history, hot spots (pun intended), & extraordinary natural wonders on this route from West Thumb to Madison Junction.

About This Tour

Yellowstone is the largest intact ecosystem in the world and America’s First National Park.  There is so much to see — from wildlife, geology, and natural wonders.  If you only have one day to visit, this tour will take to the must-see hot spots, from the world’s most famous geyser  –Old Faithful —  to one of the biggest and most colorful hot springs — Grand Prismatic. If you’re not awed by the sites along this route, you better check your pulse.

Along the way, we’ll tell you stories of stagecoach robberies, Native Americans, pioneering expeditions, and high fashion. Believe it or  not, fashion, particularly the demand for beaver-felt hats drew the first European explorer’s into this remote region.  Soon enough, wealthy tourists heard tale of the marvels of Yellowstone. They grabbed their cameras and to see the mythical and magical place. The mystique and wonder of Yellowstone lives on today as people travel from around the world to see this special place.

Explore the marvels of Yellowstone with TravelStorys as your guide, along the most iconic route in Yellowstone, the southwest portion of the Grand Loop, from Madison Junction to West Thumb.

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Headwaters of Firehole

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Along Firehole River

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