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Yellowstone National Park

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Discover the history, hot spots & extraordinary natural wonders on this route from West Thumb to Madison Junction.

About This Tour

Yellowstone is the largest intact ecosystem in the world and America's First National Park. There is so much to see —wildlife, geology, and natural wonders. If you only have one day to visit the Park, this tour will take you to the must-see hot spots (including many literal hot spots, geysers!).

The tour, which can be taken in either direction of travel, covers U.S. Highway 191 between Madison Junction and West Thumb Geyser Basin. This section of the Park is jam-packed with natural wonders and stories to be told.

As the road meanders along the Firehole River, you will hear stories about the Park's geological formation, which produced the colors and textures you see in the canyon's walls.

This audio tour allows you to learn about the Park while keeping your eyes on the scenic views and to spot wildlife. Elk, moose, deer, wolves, bison, and even bears frequent this route.

While driving past sites that bear the names of Native American tribes, you will hear stories of the Park's earliest inhabitants and their tumultuous history with the U.S. Army and early Park visitors.

When you approach the middle of the tour, it will be geysers, geysers, and more geysers! Lower Geyser Basin has the largest collection of geothermal features and is the most prolific hot-water producer in the Park. Then, Midway Geyser Basin is home to one of the Park's most picturesque features: Grand Prismatic Spring.

At Biscuit Basin, you will learn that even though we measure geologic time in eras and eons, the Park's geology can change instantly, as has happened to some hot pots here. Then, moving on to Black Sands Basin, you will learn about the brilliant and varied colored hot springs.

Whether it is your first or five-hundredth visit, no trip to Yellowstone is complete without a stop at Old Faithful Geyser. As its name suggests, the geyser's dramatic predictability makes it the world's most famous geyser drawing larger crowds than any other location in Yellowstone.

This tour is packed with entertaining stories of stagecoach robberies, Native Americans, pioneering expeditions, and high fashion. Believe it or not, fashion, particularly the demand for beaver-felt hats, drew the first European explorers into this remote region. Soon after, wealthy tourists heard tales of the marvels of Yellowstone. So, they grabbed their cameras to see the mythical and magical place.

When these early tourists arrived, it was not always a "walk in the park." At Shoshone Lake, you will hear how travel in Yellowstone before the automobile could be very challenging.

Other points of interest on this tour are Craig Pass, the Continental Divide, and Grant Village.

The mystique and wonder of Yellowstone lives on today as people travel from around the world to see this special place. Explore the marvels of Yellowstone with TravelStorys as your guide, along the most iconic route, the southwest portion of the Grand Loop, from Madison Junction to West Thumb.

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Upper Geyser Basin

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