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WYO 22 East

Sponsored by Jackson Hole Land Trust

  • Location: Wyoming
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 30 minutes
  • Language:

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Local actor, playwright and entertainer Bob Berky animates the stories. Tune in for the fun-filled Kids channel, which entertains kids and their families with great stories, quizzes and mysteries of the passing landscape.

Explore the same route as Jackson Hole’s earliest travelers from Native Americans 9,000 years ago to early explorers and mountain men to the settlers and to recreationalists who enjoy and compete in this mountainous terrain today. See the distinctly different geologic formations that collide on Teton Pass and are evidenced in the road cuts and mountains you pass by along this route. Hear more about the many species of wildlife that inhabit the forests and open meadows along this route from the secretive mountain lion to the cute pica to the majestic moose and elk.

Discover how this uniquely wild place has remained open and find out how many ranchers have chosen to keep their ranches forever protected through the Jackson Hole Land Trust. By working cooperatively with the owners of the area’s privately owned open lands, the Jackson Hole Land Trust has ensured the permanent protection of over 25,000 acres in and around Jackson Hole and the Greater Yellowstone Area.

The Sibleys generously donated use of their music to accompany the wonderful stories along this route.

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