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Pikes Peak - America's Mountain

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  • Location: Colorado
  • Travel Type: Driving
  • Trip Time: 2 hours
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About This Tour

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Come discover America's Mountain with this audio driving tour.

The tour begins at the Pikes Peak Tollgate west of Colorado Springs on Highway 24 just before Cascade-Chipita Park. There, you will start your drive at 7,800-feet above sea level. The route follows Pikes Peak Highway as it ascends 19 miles to an elevation of 14,115 feet at the summit.

Along the way you will be treated to an experience which is miles above the ordinary. In order to get a better appreciation of the mountain, this tour will introduce you to Colorado history such as the 1862 Homestead Act, local ecology to help you identify the white-barked aspen trees and ponderosa pines, Pikes Peak geology of how glaciers created the landscapes you enjoy today, and many recreation opportunities to have along the route.

The winding route up Pikes Peak takes you to Crowe Gulch, Halfway Picnic Grounds, Glen Cove, Devil’s Playground, Ute Pass and of course, the summit. At the summit you will not only have a view of five states but also world-famous donuts waiting at the Summit View House.

Every journey on Pikes Peak is unique. We hope you enjoy it!

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This tour is presented by The Pikes Peak Rangers.

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About This Tour

Boulder Park