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GaperGuide South Yellowstone - TravelStorys

GaperGuide South Yellowstone

Location Trip Time Travel Type
Wyoming 1.5 hour

See the wonders of Yellowstone from the comfort and safety of your own vehicle!



Come and see Yellowstone by car with GaperGuide’s self-guided tour. It is totally automatic and tells you everything you need to know about the park while you drive. It’s like having a live tour guide in your car with you!

*Includes: GaperGuide South Yellowstone, GaperGuide North Yellowstone and GaperGuide Grand Teton tours.
**Includes: GaperGuide South Yellowstone and GaperGuide North Yellowstone tours.
**Includes: GaperGuide South Yellowstone and GaperGuide Grand Teton tours.

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About This Tour

Come and see Yellowstone by car with GaperGuide's self-guided tour. It is entirely automatic and tells you everything you need to know about the Park while enjoying the scenic drive. It's like having a live tour guide in your car!

This is the tour for you, if geysers spouting steaming hot water hundreds of feet into the sky, waterfalls, and fantastically colored pools are what you are looking to explore on this visit to Yellowstone.

The tour takes you through the southern loop of Yellowstone National Park, including the roads to West Yellowstone, and the South and East entrances to the Park. The tour features many sites and stories around Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring, Firehole River, West Thumb and Midway Geyser Basins, the Yellowstone Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Lake, and the Lake resorts.

You will not only discover geysers and water features on this southern loop but also wildlife, plants, and history. You will pass areas with massive herds of bison and elk roaming in forests and open valleys. There are pronghorn, moose, whitetail, blacktail, and mule deer too. If you are lucky, you will see the park predators too. These are the wolves, grizzly and black bears, and mountain lions.

You will get all the valuable insights about where to find Yellowstone's unique animals and historic locations. In addition, you will hear about the relationship between the natural environment and volcanic and glacial geology.

There are gorgeous picnic areas, overlooks, and trails to amazing views if you know where to look—GaperGuide South Yellowstone is here to help you find them. In Yellowstone, you will see things you can't see anywhere else on the Earth.

With GaperGuide, you can explore at your own pace, stop where you want to stop, and you won't miss anything. It's your vacation, in your car, on your schedule.

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