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Irma Park - TravelStorys

Historic Downtown Cody

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Wyoming 45 minutes

Irma Park

There's nothing better on a sunny, summer day than a family barbeque at the city park! Cody's city park was originally called Irma Park, named after Buffalo Bill's youngest daughter. The band shell in the southwest corner of the park is used for outdoor entertainment and summer concerts. In the northeast corner of the park you will see a statue of Buffalo Bill holding a child. The statue titled "The Spirit of Cody" was created by local sculptor Jeffrey Burnham Rudolph in 1999. The base is a Greek pedestal with bison silhouettes on each side symbolizing past civilization. The bronze symbolizes the time of Buffalo Bill. He is holding Irma bolstering future generations on his shoulder. Irma is holding his hat in the air symbolizing the sun and looking to the future. The statue holds a time capsule that will be opened on December 31, 2049.

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