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Park County Courthouse - TravelStorys

Historic Downtown Cody

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Wyoming 45 minutes

Park County Courthouse

By 1909 there were finally enough settlers in this area (around 3,000) and a high enough total property valuation required by the state of Wyoming to form a county. Park County was officially organized with Cody as the county seat. The first courthouse in Cody, known as the Spencer Building, is the building on Rumsey Avenue just north of the Chamberlin Hotel. The small courthouse was soon outgrown and in 1912 the courthouse you see here today was constructed on the land in the middle of town known as Arta Park, named after Buffalo Bill's oldest daughter. Cody's original jailhouse and sheriff's quarters were located directly behind the courthouse until the 1960's when a new jail was built where the current fire station is on the east side of the block. The old jail was torn down and the south parking lot was built. The Seth Thomas clock you see at the top of the building was donated by Cody resident William Robertson Coe who paid $1,017 for the purchase of the clock and its installation. Today, that would equate to over $24,000 dollars! There are only two companies that made this type of clock which are in city halls, courthouses, and churches all over the country. And there is currently only one repairman recommended by the company to do repairs. The clock originally ran from a weight-driven mechanism, but was wired for electricity sometime in the 1940's or 50's. The violet cast of the glass on the clock comes from aging of the French stained glass. In 1983 additions were made to the building, but the original structure was carefully preserved. Step inside the courthouse and see the beautiful historic photos of the area by well-known resident and photographer Jack Richard.

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