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Irma Hotel - TravelStorys

Historic Downtown Cody

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Wyoming 45 minutes

Irma Hotel

A visit to Cody just isn't complete without a stop at the historic Irma Hotel. The Irma was built by William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody and named after his daughter Irma. On November 18, 1902 press and dignitaries arrived in Cody to celebrate the grand opening of the hotel. The Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad built a spur into Cody and Buffalo Bill's vision was to accommodate hunters, businessmen, and travelers on their way to Yellowstone. The Irma was his "Hotel in the Rockies". Two suites and an office were kept for Buffalo Bill's personal use. Guests today can stay in one of his private suites. Imagine staying in the very room that Buffalo Bill stayed in! One must also check out the Irma's famous cherry wood bar. It dates back to the original construction and was rumored to be a gift of the Queen of England. The Irma, of course, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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