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Leaving the Grange - TravelStorys

Follow the French

Location Trip Time Travel Type
New York 3 hours

Leaving the Grange

As you leave Rochambeau Park, if you are following this tour chronologically, this is your last stop in this tour. If you haven’t yet visited the other sites on this tour — the Odell House, in Hartsdale, and Smith’s Tavern, in Armonk — we encourage you to do so. But know that you will be travelling backwards in time, because the armies encamped in those locations before coming here to Yorktown. To get turn-by-turn directions to whichever site you would like to visit next, tap on that site on the map and then click on the white arrow inside a blue diamond. On iOS, this button will be inside the title bubble. On Android, the button will pop up on the bottom-left side of the map screen. Tap the button to automatically open your preferred maps program, which will guide you to the location. But please, for safety’s sake, don’t look at your phone screen while you are driving. Either pull over or ask a passenger to help. Be aware that your maps program will send you on the quickest route and not necessarily the route that the French followed.   Americans are forever indebted to France for providing substantial assistance, troops, ships, and money at a critical time, sustaining the efforts of our ancestors. Our victory in Yorktown, Virginia, could not have been accomplished without French support. Without their strategic planning, expertise and firepower, the cause of independence might have been lost. Vive Rochambeau and Washington, vive la France, vive America!  

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