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Wood Duck - TravelStorys

Nature Quest at Borden's Pond

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New York 1 hour

Wood Duck

Have you ever seen a duck with its tail feathers in the air? These are known as dabbling ducks. They stick their heads underwater to feed, usually filtering food through their bills. Wood ducks can be seen with their tails in the air while underwater eating aquatic plants and snails. However, they also go on land to eat seeds, fruits, and insects. When not underwater, the male’s boxy green crested head with white stripes and bright eyes and bill can be seen. Females are gray-brown with a white speckled breast and a white teardrop around the eye. Natural cavities for nesting are scarce, and the wood duck readily uses nest boxes provided for it. Thank you for completing Nature Quest at Borden’s Pond Conservation Area. Be sure to check out the rest of the Nature Quest tours at all CLC Public Conservation Areas. If you complete all 10 Nature Quest trails, let us know to claim your prize. For more information visit

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