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Bottolfsen Park - TravelStorys

Welcome to Arco, Idaho

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Idaho 30 minutes

Bottolfsen Park

This park is named for Clarence Alfred Bottolfsen, who lived here in Arco more than a century ago. During high school, he worked as a “printer’s devil” in North Dakota. The printer’s devil was an apprentice who did odd jobs like mix tubs of ink or fetch type. In 1910, the owner of the shop where he worked moved here to Idaho and bought a newspaper, The Arco Advertiser. He brought Bottolfsen west to run the place. Clarence eventually bought the paper himself and served as the publisher until 1949.   He was elected to the Idaho State Legislature and went on to serve two terms as Idaho’s 17th and 19th governor. Early in his first term, in 1939, Bottolfsen signed the bill creating the Idaho State Police. He is buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery here in town.   One unusual feature at this particular park is a ramp to conveniently load and unload all-terrain vehicles. And the popular, shaded play structure is a big hit with pets, children and parents. It’s a great place to stop, refresh and recharge.   A sign in the park gives a nod to Arco’s place in history as the first city powered by atomic energy and this accomplishment’s unveiling at the Atoms for Peace Conference in August 1955.

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