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Submarines in the Desert - TravelStorys

Welcome to Arco, Idaho

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Idaho 30 minutes

Submarines in the Desert

The large, black structure you see here is the part of a submarine known as the sail. About 20 miles northeast of here, across the desert, is the birthplace of the U.S. nuclear navy. That’s where nuclear submarine propulsion got its start after World War II. The sail here in front of you is from a nuclear-powered, fast-attack submarine, the USS Hawkbill. When she was decommissioned in 2001, her sail was gifted to the city.   The small, white building to the north of the gazebo is the Idaho Science Center, also known as Mega-Peace Museum. Inside the building, a collection of artifacts highlights the history of the experimental nuclear reactor projects that were developed at what is now known as the Idaho National Laboratory. Perhaps the highlight of the museum is the retired veterans who staff it. They can tell you some wonderful stories.

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