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Town Square Southwest Corner - TravelStorys

Historic Downtown Jackson

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Wyoming 40 minutes

Town Square Southwest Corner

The elk antler arches on the Town Square are the iconic symbols of the town of Jackson. The original arch was built on this corner in 1953 by members of the Rotary Club from antlers collected on the National Elk Refuge by the local Boy Scout troop. The troop still collects the antlers every spring and holds their annual auction during Elk Fest, the Saturday before Memorial Day. This arch was rebuilt in 2007 to replace the well-weathered antlers of the original. A contest was held at that time to guess how many antlers were used to build the arch; what would your guess be? Is your guess anywhere close to the winning answer of 1,948 antlers? ***** Like the arch, the small Stage Stop building to the east has been rebuilt. It continues to house visitor information as well as serving as the starting point for a fun stagecoach ride around the downtown area during the summer season. The original building stood about a block due south on Cache Street and served as a winter home for the Wort brothers, John and Jesse, to use while attending school which was another block further south on Cache Street where the Center for the Arts stands today. The Wort homestead was a few miles south of town and winter travel was challenging at best so the boys stayed here during the week and returned to the ranch to catch up on chores on the weekend. ***** If you look up directly across Cache Street from the arch you will spot the webcam you can use to let the folks back home know you made it.

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