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Fallon Art and Agriculture

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Nevada 1 hour

Churchill County Museum

You’re coming up on the Churchill County Museum, a gateway into the area’s rich history with both humans and nature. Explore snapshots of historic Fallon residents, look back at its Gold Rush history or enjoy the ever-changing exhibits that share an intimate look at what life was like in a past Churchill County. Here is Mayor Tedford with more Mayor Tedford Why don't you tell us about the history of the church academy museum and how it all got started? Terry Hedgepath Absolutely. Well, back in 1964 Nevada was celebrating its Centennial of statehood and the citizens of Fallon thought it would be a great idea to exhibit some of their artifacts on main street. After the Centennial celebration, they decided this is a great idea. We should actually have a home for these artifacts. So that's the genesis of the idea for the museum, 1967 Safeway decided that the town was not going to expand southward like it anticipated. It was going to and move to a new location where the current CVS is in Fallon and this building was vacant. So Margaret and Alex Oser bought it, gave it to Churchill county and said, here is a building do with it for what you want culturally speaking. And the first thought was a library—however the library had already received funding. So the citizens of Fallon in Churchill county petition the commissioners and said, this would make a great home for the museum. Mator Tedford Well, that's quite a history. I'll start out by a donation of a building. Terry Hedgepath By members of the community too. I t was a volunteer effort on everyone's part, and that really is that's the beauty of the Churchill county museum and the beauty of the people Mayor Tedford Tell us about the mosaic mural at the front entrance to the museum. Terry Hedgepath That is an awesome piece of artwork and this is another example of community coming together, but this time it was the school children and it was honoring the bicentennial of the United States in 1976. So every school child in Fallon in Churchill county worked on this mosaic from either picking up the stones that created it to painting it, to actually placing the stones into the mosaic. This has been there for quite a number of years every now and then we'll see a little stone has fallen off and we try and place it exactly where it belongs. But one of the coolest things about this mosaic is when people come and they take you by the hand and say “Hey, I want to show you something” and they're an older member of the community, and they point to a stone in that mosaic and they say “do you see that rock right there? That, that makes up that bunking Bronco? I put that there.” I love that. Mayor Tedford Well, we're certainly glad to have you. I want to thank you very much for coming in today and I've enjoyed talking to you. Terry Hedgepath I appreciate that. You bet.

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