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Women in Conservation

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New Jersey 45 minutes


Mother Nature. Earth Mother. These endearing terms help us to realize that nature is like us. Part of us. They personify the life-giving and nurturing aspects of the natural world. Used widely in the Middle Ages, in Indigenous cultures, and in colloquial conversation today, connecting nature with a woman enables us to “see” her as an important part of our “family” – indeed, the one on whom we depend for life itself. Yet, even as the female term for nature is celebrated in popular culture, the substantial roles of women in conservation movements across the globe are not as well known. In fact, women and the results of their work have provided scientific discoveries, national parks, new ways to think about conservation, and protection of local treasures that are important to our everyday life. This tour highlights more than a dozen women who have had a physical impact on our global landscape, protecting our natural resources for generations to come. As you explore this tour, consider the role open spaces like Cedar Ridge Preserve have played in your life. What inspires you to get outside and visit these open spaces? How do you feel when you are immersed in nature? Close your eyes, take a deep breath of fresh air, and meditate on these questions for a moment. [PAUSE] Open your eyes and look around. Keep thinking about these questions as you walk through the preserve and listen to the stories of women involved in conservation near and far. Open spaces like this would not be possible without the hard work of generations of women conservationists such as those you’ll learn about. Every person has a role to play. Think about your role: what can you do? Narrated by Linda Mead D&R Greenway Land Trust Writers and Narrators Madeleine Freundlich Maria Stahl Heather Callahan Linda J. Mead, President and CEO To learn about more places to walk and enjoy nature, go to

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