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Women in Conservation

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New Jersey 45 minutes

Deb Haaland

Just as no two trees in this preserve look alike, every person’s conservation story is unique. People from all backgrounds can call upon their individual skill sets and passions to help protect our planet. For some folks, like Deb Haaland, political action is the way forward. Haaland served as a US Representative from 2019 until being appointed as Secretary of the Interior in 2020 under the Biden administration, the first Native American to hold such office. Haaland is a proud 35th-generation New Mexican and member of the Laguna Pueblo. As Secretary of the Interior, she is responsible for protecting and maintaining all federal land, including national parks and national forests. That’s more than 2.43 billion acres of preserved land! For context, Cedar Ridge Preserve, where you are now, is just over 200 acres. Being Secretary of the Interior is no small task, and Haaland calls upon her family’s centuries-long relationship with the land to protect and preserve our nation’s open spaces for many more generations to come. Narrated by Maria Stahl

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