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Helper Arts, Music & Film Festival - TravelStorys

Historic Helper

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Utah 1 hour

Helper Arts, Music & Film Festival

This is the oldest commercial building on Main Street. It was originally located near the train depot -- just about two and half blocks south of here -- and was relocated to this spot in 1928. It now houses the Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival office. As was typical of boom towns, Helper’s earliest buildings were small with wooden frames. This building is a classic example. The city experienced a disastrous fire, which took most of the original Main Street buildings. They were replaced with the numerous brick and stone buildings you see along the street today. This building has served in numerous capacities over the years, including as the Helper volunteer firemen office. A one-time grant award from the Utah Legislature in 2017 allowed for replacing the roof, windows, and flooring, and upgrading the interior. The Helper Arts, Music and Film Festival directs the yearly arts festival, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Held the third weekend in August, the festival boasts music in the park for three days, artist booths throughout Main Street, and local artists showcasing their work in galleries. This town is currently home to a number of nationally known artists who migrated here from the University of Utah art department. These artists stumbled on Helper during a plein air painting excursion and decided to make it their home. The U of U professors hosted art workshops during the summer months, introducing their students to the area, who, in turn, have also made Helper their home. As the city transitions away from an energy-based economy, the introduction of the arts is one of the drivers helping it to diversify. How fitting to have the oldest building on Main Street house the Helper Arts Festival activities that point to our future. As you continue south on Main Street, the next building on this tour, the Strand Theater, will be easy to spot.

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