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Broadway for Mule Deer Corridor - TravelStorys

Wildlife Highways in Teton County

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Wyoming 1.5 hour

Broadway for Mule Deer Corridor

Here, the speed limit is 30 for wildlife, mainly mule deer. It’s awesome evidence of how close we are to the daily business of wintering big game wildlife right here in town! If you look up on this snowy butte next to the road, during most of the winter, you often see all kinds of trails crisscrossing in the snow. These are the little hoofprints of the mule deer, who roam all over these buttes in winter, munching on plants, finding places in the sun to take a nap, and often crossing this very busy five lane road to access the Snow King ridge and Karns Meadow for food, water, and sometimes, just to get out of the wind! We can all help reduce crashes with cars here by looking sharp for mule deer crossing. It’s especially important November through late May, and dawn, dusk, and night. We employ cruise control here for this mile, to stay at 30 and look sharp for deer moving. It’s easy to absently step on the gas, we know! But let’s be honest, you arent going to get anywhere faster by speeding in most of Teton County, because there are only three main roads in and out of town and several million visitors a year! But most people still don’t know the 30 mph zone from Scott Lane to Flat Creek Drive is for the safety of the little mule deer. If you’re here in the fall, November to December is mating season, and they run around flirting like idiots. You know this feeling! often back and forth across this road, so that’s an important time let off the gas and be extra alert. In the middle of winter, in addition to tracks in the snow, you may see these deer sneaking around up on the hillsides if you look hard enough. They have great big fuzzy ears, a thick gray brown winter coat, and little white rumps. Does gather in little groups, from two to about ten on this butte, and any smaller deer you see are fawns born the previous spring, learning the skills to handle their first Wyoming winter from their mamas. Most of the mature does are pregnant with fawns, so winter is not easy for them!

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