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Kelly Road Corridors - TravelStorys

Wildlife Highways in Teton County

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Wyoming 1.5 hour

Kelly Road Corridors

This road connects the highway to the tiny little town of Kelly, Wyoming. One of the original, preferred routes in and out of Jackson Wyoming used to come from through the Gros Ventre Mountains you see rising on the opposite side of the valley from the Tetons here. The former site of the town was nearly awarded the title of county seat in the 1920s, but a devastating landslide in 1925 and subsequent flood from the Gros Ventre River quashed that plan. Jackson was named county seat and this corridor fell out of favor for wagons. That was a blessing in disguise for wildlife, however, for whom this flat expanse is very valuable! It is common in summer to see bison out in the flat expanses, or moving through heading north or south in spring or fall migrations. Mule deer travel through here, but don’t generally stay here. Mule deer are not the same as whitetail deer, and they prefer to summer higher in the mountains. They also reproduce much more slowly than whitetail deer, have a different antler configuration, a different gait (they bound instead of run!) and prefer to live in smaller family bands. Elk migrate through here in large numbers in the spring and fall, and you can see moose near the river just south of the road. You might see bears, coyotes, and foxes! Antelope will hang out in the summers here, and it is part of the federally recognized migration route, because to survive the winters, these graceful little runners hightail it out of here to less snowy winter range, 125 miles away. So, just remember, even though it’s a flat straight road, and tempting to go as fast as possible, many of our furry neighbors live or travel through this flat expanse of sage steppe at different times of year. Let’s help them make it to wherever they are going – and you’ll likely be rewarded by some really cool sightings.  

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