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2_Welcome to Garden of the Gods - TravelStorys

Garden of the Gods

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Colorado 30 minutes

2_Welcome to Garden of the Gods

Welcome to the Garden of the Gods city park! My name is Bret Tennis, park operations administrator. You will soon experience why over 4 million people visit the Park each year.      This tour is brought to you by TravelStorys™ and the City of Colorado Springs, Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services. It’s our hope that this tour will help provide a deeper connection to the park.    The audio stories will play automatically as you drive. If traveling in a vehicle, we recommend connecting your device to the car’s speakers and staying at or below the 20 mile per hour speed limit. This park is a little over 1300 acres in size, with over 20 miles of hiking trails. If you decide to stop at any time, your tour will start again as you continue driving. For safety reasons, please never enter or stop in the bike lane.    The Garden of the Gods Park, with its vertical red rocks and Pikes Peak views, is recognized worldwide as a majestic landmark of the American West.   Three of North America’s major ecosystems converge within the park; the prairie grasslands of the Great Plains meet the dry woodlands of the American Southwest and merge with the evergreen forests of the Rocky Mountains.   Garden of the Gods park is a National Natural Landmark and Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site, which is located inside the park, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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