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Historic Helper - TravelStorys

Nine Mile Canyon

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Utah 2 hours

Historic Helper

You'll soon enter the historic town of Helper, also known as the Carbon Corridor's Main Street. Helper got its name during the railroad boom, when extra engines were required to help trains climb the steep inclines in the area. It is now home to Utah's Christmas Town and the annual Helper Arts & Music Festival. This once thriving coal community, with its tales of ghosts, brothels, outlaws, and more, is redefining itself into a walkable arts community with fun outdoor activities, delicious dining, unique lodging, and boutiques. Take the next exit for Helper if you have time to stop to enjoy lunch, shopping, or even a quiet walk along the river -- or grab a tube or paddleboard and enjoy the day recreating on the river. As you exit into town, you'll notice newly restored vintage gas stations that bookend the historic Main Street. This street has become a great filming location for movies such as Rigoletto, Adventures of Power, and The White Lady of Spring Canyon. Butch Cassidy and his gang once roamed this place. They became famous in 1897 for the Castle Gate Robbery, which occurred in the now ghost town of Castle Gate, less than five miles north of here. You can find out more about the Castle Gate Robbery and the missing gold and silver that has stumped treasure hunters for years by visiting the Western Mining & Railroad Museum. Located in one of the historic buildings on Main Street, marked with a red flag on this map, the museum is popularly known for capturing the best in local history with well-presented exhibits to highlight the lives of miners, railroad workers, and the Wild West. Whether you stop in for a short visit or decide to stay a while, before you leave Helper be sure to take a photo with "Big John,” the tallest coal miner in the world. Big John is a proud symbol of the coal mining industry in the area and a popular stop to add to anyone's trip. You'll find him standing outside the library on Main Street. Another red flag marks his location on this map. If you want to hear more interesting stories about Helper's brothels, coal camps, the railroad, and more, be sure to stop in at the coffee shop or diner to chat with a local -- or come back again to enjoy Helper's very own self-guided audio walking tour, which is scheduled to launch very soon here on the TravelStorys app.

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