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Wyoming 30 minutes

D&D Building

This building, now home to Frackelton's Restaurant, has a history dating back to the late 1880s. Although you see a brick building here today, the building was originally a wooden-framed store. In 1919, was replaced by the brick exterior you see today. The structure is known as the D&D building because the original name was a mouthful. It was once known as the Diefenderfer and Dinwiddie Hardware Store. Alf Diefenderfer opened the hardware store at this location sometime between 1884 and 1888. He later took on E.R. Dinwiddie as a partner, leading to the tongue-twisting name. For practical reasons, the name was shortened to the "D&D" in everyday parlance. Besides being a hardware store, this building, later housed a clothing store and then the Brown Drug Store. It was also an early home for the Sheridan Elk Lodge. The D&D Building is often mistaken for the location of the Dr. William Frackelton's dental practice. His office was actually located of the second floor of the building immediately south of the D&D Building. Dr. William Frackelton was a native of Milwaukee who graduated in 1891 from Northwestern University's Dental School. After practicing in the Chicago area, he moved to Wyoming in 1893, settling in Sheridan. Leaving briefly to chase gold in the Klondike, Frackelton practiced dentistry in Sheridan until 1942. Frackleton is remembered not only for his dental expertise, but also for his good looks, charm, and wit. He successfully persuaded President William Taft to keep Fort Mackenzie (now the V.A. Hospital) open in Sheridan. In his 1941, Frackleton published his memoirs, memorializing his legacy. Entitled "Sagebrush Dentist," the raucous read details his adventures in dentistry, hob-knobbing with western outlaws such as Calamity Jane and Butch Cassidy. Hey, even outlaws need dentists...

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