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Chapter 2 - TravelStorys

Hemingway Highways - Cody

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Wyoming 1 hour

Chapter 2

On October 16, 1932, my grandfather checked into the Chamberlin Inn in Cody, where he finished and sent off the final manuscript for his book "Death in the Afternoon," which was published later that year. We know this because the current owners of the Chamberlin Inn, Ev and Susan Diehl, found the actual register that he signed, cluttered amid old antiques and ledgers in the inn's basement. This piece of information was corroborated by a biography that referenced a letter from Hemingway, in which he stated that he had sent the manuscript from Cody via U.S. Mail. Hemingway signed the register next to Room 18 with his full name in messy handwriting. He gave his place of residence as Key West, Florida. That same night, a local man named Carl Lorenzen checked into Room 1, possibly in a calculated effort to make the history books at all costs. The Chamberlin Inn still serves travelers in Cody today. Room 18 has been preserved and aptly renamed the Hemingway Suite. Cody is more famous for its namesake and founder Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody, whose Wild West Shows—traveling vaudeville performances across the U.S. and Europe—launched a genre of outdoor entertainment that was popular for decades. Today, Cody is known for the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the Cody Stampede Rodeo and rapper Kanye West's recently purchased 4,000-acre ranch, among other attractions. It is a common stop when driving to or out of Yellowstone, as it is 52 miles from the park's East Entrance. My grandfather is also thought to have spent time in and drank at the Irma Hotel during his time in the cowboy town.

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