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Rockland Approach - TravelStorys

Bike the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge

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New York 45 minutes

Rockland Approach

Just ahead of you is a mural created by Nyack artist Chris Soria. Inspired by the rich biodiversity of the Hudson Valley, "The Flux of Being" celebrates the bountiful and disparate forms of life present on land, in air, and water. The mural combines layers of abstract geometry with silhouettes of subjects from the natural environment. You are approaching the Rockland Landing and will need to dismount soon. If you continue to the end of the path to reach the parking lot, you will find a sculpture that incorporates steel from both this bridge and its predecessor. Created by Brooklyn artist Fitzhugh Karol, the piece--entitled "Approach"-- visually anchors the beginning of the path in Rockland County, evoking a sense of uplift, progress, and momentum. If you take the side path toward downtown Nyack or points south, you will come upon a sculpture entitled "Tappan Zee." Created by Long Island City artist Ilan Averbuch, this sculpture pays homage to the American Lenape and their deep connection to the Hudson River while also referencing the revitalization of the Hudson's ecosystems. A row of seven abstracted figures walk in procession along the Esposito Trail carrying as a canoe on their shoulders. By sharing in carrying the weight of the stone canoe, the figures symbolize the value of collaboration in crossing rivers, building communities, and reaching new horizons.

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