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Catskill Mountain Home - TravelStorys

Catskill Mountains Scenic Byway

Location Trip Time Travel Type
New York 1.5 hour

Catskill Mountain Home

The Catskill Mountains, are calling me And I can hear their call wherever I may be On a busy day, or a quite night, I hear the call and see the light That guides me to My Catskill Mountain Home The sky above, and the hills below The summer's rolling thunder storms, the winter snows Come walk the trails, and soothe your soul And let those rippling Catskill waters make you whole Old John Burroughs, wrote about these hills And how he loved to tramp through all the rocks and rills Where the birds are singing in the trees, And the leaves are dancing in the breeze He taught us how to love our Catskill home (Chorus) It's for our children, their children too The woodland trails, a mountain peaks, the scenic views So come with me, and walk the land, We'll sing our song, as hand in hand We celebrate our Catskill Mountain home (Chorus)

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