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Big Goose Creek and Mill Park - TravelStorys

WY Tour Sheridan

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Wyoming 30 minutes

Big Goose Creek and Mill Park

In the area of this interpretive sign in Mill Park once was a booming flourmill and elevator operated by the Sheridan Manufacturing Company. The Mill was constructed soon after Sheridan was incorporated in 1884. The Mills proximity to Big Goose Creek was important as the creek powered the mill. A channel from Goose Creek, known as a millrace, delivered water to a mill. The water fed a mill wheel hydropower system, which enabled the mechanical process of milling and grinded the wheat into flour. The mill produced 25 barrels of White Swan and Sifted Snow flour a day. In 1915, the wooden flourmill burned to the ground and was quickly replaced by a new flour mill constructed of brick. The Sheridan Manufacturing Companys flourmill was a major component of the economy of north central Wyoming. It provided storage and milling of wheat harvested in Southeastern Sheridan County. By 1947, the mill was no longer in operation. It was demolished in 1962 to aid in the US Army Corps of Engineers flood control project of Big Goose Creek. Big Goose Creek runs through the old millrace area and is visible if you face the opposite direction from the interpretive sign. There you see the convergence of Big Goose Creek and Little Goose Creek. The US Army Corps of Engineers rerouted Big Goose Creek to protect properties along the creek and created a channel for flood control.

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