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Walkway Over the Hudson

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Welcome to Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park. The Walkway spans the majestic Hudson River between Poughkeepsie and Highland, New York, in the heart of the beautiful, historic Hudson Valley. My name is Geoff Brault. I'm the Walkway's director of marketing and communications, and I'll be your guide across the Walkway, the world's longest elevated pedestrian bridge at 1.28 miles from gate to gate. You're one of more than five million people from all 50 states and over 52 countries to visit the Walkway since its opening in October 2009. On this tour you will hear about this region's environment, Native Americans, European settlers, unusual endangered fish, impressive early engineering feats, and much more. To take the tour, simply start walking toward the sites. As you approach each site, the audio will play automatically. To see images and text, double tap on the story site on this app's map. The Walkway is open seven days a week, 365 days per year from sunrise to sunset -- and occasionally after dark for special events. The park closes in the event of thunderstorms, high winds, or icy conditions. Walkway Over the Hudson is one of the most accessible parks in the world for visitors with mobility challenges because it is flat, paved, and stair-less. We're glad you're here! If at any time you need more information about the Walkway, visit In 2018, the Walkway Over the Hudson opened this $5.4 million Ulster Welcome Center. A 3,500-square-foot visitor center and plaza, it features amphitheater seating for special events and programs for hundreds of people, a covered 1,400-square-foot patio, a bus drop-off location to provide easier access, and upgraded and environmentally friendly pathways, plus concession stands and public restrooms. The facility utilizes the latest energy efficient measures, including LED lighting, insulated building shells, and modern heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, powered by solar panels. In fact, more than 30 percent of the energy needed to power the Ulster Welcome Center is generated by its solar panels. In the plaza outside the Welcome Center, Walkway visitors can rent bicycles, eat a healthy snack provided by our vendors, buy Walkway souvenirs, and learn more about the bridge and the park via informative panels all throughout the area. This is also the location of the Walkway's signature annual event, Starry Starry Night. Held under a remarkable clear-top tent on the first Friday in October, Starry Starry Night brings together friends of the Walkway from across the state to celebrate another year of progress and success in the park. The catered event, which includes a silent auction, awards ceremony, and fireworks show, is open to the ticket-holding public.

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