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Heritage center & Old Granary - TravelStorys

Historic Downtown Walsenburg

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Colorado 45 minutes

Heritage center & Old Granary

As you walk down 6th Street you'll be walking past several buildings that have been significant in Walsenburg's history. County Historian Carolyn Newman describes the Heritage Center building, which today houses historic records, photographs and newspapers, and the granary, an unrestored brick building, which you can see if you walk down the alleyway to the right of the Heritage Center, just past the Starlight Inn. Originally, both the Heritage Center and the Granary constituted a brick commercial block of buildings representing Walsenburg's financial prosperity. Although the building has been altered over the years, the Heritage Center building is still a recognizable one part commercial block building with some decorative brick corbeling at the top. CAROYLN NEWMAN: The Heritage Center building was donated by San Isabel Electric Association and with it came a two-story brick building out in back, built about 1900 by Fred Walsen. The ‘Walsen' name should ring a bell. The granary held grain and hay, and on top was a mechanism that funneled the grain into separate bins inside. On the outside are spouts, which you could park your wagon underneath and fill it with the grain out of the spouts, and the signs are still there, "No parking." Inside is a ladder fastened to the wall that goes upstairs, and on it are some kids' names. Well, those kids of 1911 grew up to be prominent businesspeople in Walsenburg, and their names are still there. The Heritage Center owns the Granary, which is not currently open to the public. Today, instead of storing grain, it provides overflow storage for Heritage Center documents and other materials. The Heritage Center is open for visitors on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday or by appointment.

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