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Roscoe - TravelStorys

Gateway to the Catskills

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New York 2 hours


You are approaching the hamlet of Roscoe, named for Republican Senator Roscoe Conkling, who favored equal rights for ex-slaves and was instrumental in the passage of the 15th and 19th Amendments to the Constitution. Now affectionately called Trout Town, USA, Roscoe was named the 2011 Ultimate Fishing Town in the U.S. by the World Fishing Network. There are three outfitters here to supply fishermen's needs -- Catskill Flies, Beaverkill Angler, and Baxter House Outfitters -- as well as a small antique store called The Fisherman's Wife. If you have time, stop by Prohibition Distillery on Union Street. Located in an old firehouse, it was inspired by a combination of U.S. history and the art of libations. Also be sure to check out The Antrim Lodge. For decades, the downstairs bar, "Keener's Pool," was the favorite hangout for anglers after a long day on the river. And visit the O & W Train Museum, where you can learn about the advent of the railroad, which made Roscoe a center for fishing and other recreation. There are also great places to eat here, including the world-famous Roscoe Diner, which recently won the title of Best Diner in New York, and local favorite Raimondo's Restaurant and Pizzeria.

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