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Willowemoc Creek - TravelStorys

Gateway to the Catskills

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New York 2 hours

Willowemoc Creek

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum is just ahead on your right. The Center's mission is to preserve the fly-fishing heritage by teaching the next generation of anglers, while also serving as a gathering place for the entire fly-fishing community of the area. The museum is home to the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame, The Demarest Rodmakers Gallery, The Heritage Craft Center, The Wulff Gallery and more. The best place to fish along this stretch is the Willowemoc Creek. The Willowemoc was named by the Lenni-Lenapi tribe, who lived at the mouth of this river over a century ago. The name means "the kettle that washes itself clean." It's a "glacial till" river, meaning that it was formed over the years by large chunks of moving ice that left scattered rocks of all sizes and shapes in their wake. The result is constant river currents that keep the water crystal clear year-round, and provide perfect habitat for fish. The Willowemoc offers 21 public fishing access sites along its 60 miles. Many locations are "catch and release" and reserved for fly-fishing only. Releasing a fish allows it to spawn, ensures natural selection and genetic diversity, and improves the overall quality of fishing.

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