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WY Tour Goshen County

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Wyoming 1 hour

La Grange

You are approaching on the oldest towns in Wyoming -- the Town of LaGrange. LaGrange was established in Wyoming Territory prior to Wyoming's statehood. It was platted and land claimed for a town in 1837 by the LaGrange brothers. In the early years it was just a stop for cowboys on the Texas Trail. The actual town was founded in 1889. Even after it established township, most of the traffic thru LaGrange was cattle and cowboys. In 1928, LaGrange began to grow as the railroad was built. The railroad was finished in 1929 and more room was needed for the LaGrange school. The new brick school building was first used in 1928-29. The first graduating class was in 1930 and the last was 1992. It was then abandoned for the most part. The school district decided to tear down the old building because of the cost of upkeep. The LaGrange community decided not to let that happen and in 2010 it was remodeled into the LaGrange Heritage Square. Inside you will find a pre-school, library, business offices and a history museum. The museum is located on the first floor hallway and inside the library. Please come in and look around. It contains photos, stories, and historical literature of the people and events that made LaGrange. Please head East to our charming little Main Street, all roads will lead you there. Heading down main street you will see many old style buildings built mainly in the late 1800's and early 1900's old west style. Many have been abandoned, but our post office is still housed in one such building. The cafe and store are in another, here you can purchase a book called Trails, Rails and Travails, written for our centennial, it gives a wonderful history of our community and all proceeds go to our library. The garage still operates and keeps our tractors and vehicles rolling. LaGrange is home to the Frontier School of the Bible which has a very nice campus and makes use of many of the buildings here. If you continue South on our Main Street and cross the highway, you will come to our community building and fairgrounds. We have a wonderful paved walking trail that will take you to a playground, around the rodeo arena and down around Horse Creek. It is a great opportunity to stretch your legs. Today LaGrange is still ranch country. The heart and soul of this community remains cattle, good horses and great cowboys.

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