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Bronco Nell Warehouse - TravelStorys

WY Tour Meeteetse

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Wyoming 30 minutes

Bronco Nell Warehouse

Bronco Nell Warehouse, behind the Meeteetse Mercantile: Bronco Nell, also known as Ella Smith, came to Meeteetse in the spring of 1900 with her husband and young daughter. Her husband deserted her, leaving behind a freight wagon and horses. Nell started her own business freighting wool to the railheads in Casper and Billings. On return trips, she would bring back supplies for customers in Meeteetse. She was a very small woman with a lot of spirit. Nell went on to own a ranch, coal mines and a herd of horses, in addition to her freight business, but Nell ended up on the wrong side of the law when Sheriff Felix Alston learned she was rustling colts from the local ranchers' herds. The ranchers didn't believe a jury would ever convict a woman horse thief, but they were wrong. Nell was convicted and served time in the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins for misbranding stock. She was released from prison September 16th, 1909, and returned to her daughter vowing to never again run afoul of the law. Poor Nell.

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