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Cry Baby Hill - TravelStorys

Route 66 - East Meets West

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Oklahoma 1.5 hour

Cry Baby Hill

Every summer, the city of Tulsa hosts a three-day cycling event called "Tulsa Tough." Each day, a race is held in a different part of downtown, with the final contest taking place down Riverside Drive. The incline here, up Lawton Avenue and 13th Street, became known as Cry Baby Hill, which has developed into an unbelievable Mardi Gras-style celebration. There's music, costumed partiers, and all manner of debauchery. Cyclists groan up the hill to the loud cheers of the revelers, being careful to 'Mind the Gap' of narrow space that is left for them to compete. For one day a year in early June, this quiet neighborhood street transforms into a spectacle that brings people to Tulsa from all across the country and around the world. In the future, the Route 66 Experience, an interpretive complex honoring the historic highway, will fill the open space you see here, flanking Cry Baby Hill. To learn more about this exciting project, please tap on the box on the top of this app's map screen. We here at the Route 66 Alliance appreciate your support.

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