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TravelStorys™ is a hands-free, location-aware app that lets you share the stories that make every place remarkable. Less like an app and more like a compass, TravelStorys is designed to work offline and in your pocket. TravelStorysGPS has the platform, tools, and distribution opportunities to share your stories and vision with the world.

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How It Works

Choose your tour route

Map important sites and landscapes.

We help craft your story

Scripting, narration, media, and more.

Our technology does the rest

Publish your exciting audio tour and track analytics.

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* Includes Washington, D.C.







Every Place Has a Story to Tell


Roads, Riverfronts, Scenic Byways, Bike Paths, Rail Corridors


History Museums, Downtowns,
Preservation Tours, Re-enactments


Art Exhibits/Museums, Sculpture Gardens, Food Tours, Public Art, Parks, Eco-Projects, Architecture


Geologic Sites, Conservation Easements, Wildlife Refuges, Nature Trails, State and National Parks

The Possibilities Are Endless

Municipalities & Tourism Bureaus

Promote your community and tap into new demographics through on-the-go access and cross-promotion with nearby tours.

Institutions & Nonprofits

Bring your mission to life through storytelling. If people connect, they might care. If they care, they might act.

Parks & Greenways

Deepen visitors’ connection to place and inspire them to support and protect green spaces.

Destinations & Regions

Promote and brand great places and reach new audiences on-site or as a trip-planning tool.

Lodging & Campgrounds

Enhance guest experiences by offering entertaining, customized stories that orient visitors and showcase
local sites.

Transportation & Travel Services

Offer travelers an attractive new amenity with customized content to enrich their experiences.

TravelStorys Tour Features

TravelStorysGPS Products - Enterprise Support

White Label

The TravelStorysGPS team will custom create your own branded app, with all the TravelStorys features you love.


Already have an app? TravelStorys’ patented GPS-based technology can be integrated into your existing app.

Website Plugin

The TravelStorys Website Plug-in allows prospective visitors to preview and experience your tour from any website.

3 Custom Tour-Building Options

Shared Production

Ready to build your own tour with the support of expert tour developers and storytellers? If so, this option is for you! TravelStorysGPS:

Full Production

Need our experts to build a high-quality tour for you? We’ve got you covered! TravelStorysGPS:

Content Conversion

Have existing audio content and images? Let us integrate them into our user-friendly tour platform. TravelStorysGPS:


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