Devils Tower Area

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Wyoming 1 hour

Devils Tower rises from the ground like a beacon calling climbers to scale its steep walls.

About This Tour

Welcome to northeastern Wyoming, one of the best parts of America. You’ll discover a land rich in history, wildlife, minerals, national forests, ranching and friendly people. This part of America is home to Devils Tower National Monument.

Small town hospitality, ample amenities, rich history and nature’s best await you in Devils Tower Country! Wyoming’s territorial legislature, in an effort to grow the state, created Crook County in 1875. Their act, however, only created the county on paper and it was another 10 years before Crook County truly became a legal entity.

Experience this tour by car and foot to hear stories about early homesteaders, dinosaurs, Native American history, wildlife, geology and the legend of this sacred rock.

This tour is presented by the Crook County Promotion Board, responsible for promoting the growth and development of Crook County in Wyoming.

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Hulett, Wyoming

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Black Hills National Forest

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