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Colorado 30 minutes

Cuchara is tucked on the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the heart of the Cucharas River Valley.

About This Tour

Walking through the village, notice the laid-back pace and beauty of nature that surrounds you. Stop in the village for a snack and chat with some of the locals and remember, after you're done exploring Cuchara, there is a lot more to explore in this area. Take the Highway of Legends tour to explore the scenic byway that loops through Walsenburg, to Stonewall, Trinidad and back up. And, along the way, stop in for more downtown walking tours in the town of La Veta and Walsenburg. Tap back to the tour listings page to find the other tours close to you or find a link to these tours in the text section of this story site.

This tour is presented by the Huerfano County Tourism Board and was paid for in part by a History Colorado State Historical Fund grant.

To learn more about this region visit spanishpeakscountry.com.

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Watters Cabin & Burkes Cabin

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